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We will help you and your idea to succeed, you just have to choose one of two options - Start or Accelerator


Do you have a business idea in mind?
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Does your project already have specific outlines?
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One step closer to innovations - we are starting the 11th year of the Green Light Accelerator.

For several years, we have been helping startups and budding entrepreneurs turn ideas into functional businesses. During that time, almost 150 projects from many different spheres of business took turns in our program. And that's why we're happy to ann...

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Pamper your body with herbs.

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Light in the kitchen and in the closet.

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About us


Do you have a business idea but don't know how to bring it to life? We know how to do it, and we will help you with it - from an idea to a functioning business!

What you get when you sign up for Green Light:

  1. Support – experienced mentors will guide you through the shortest path to a successful business start-up. You are not alone!
  2. Knowledge – at our workshops with top lecturers, you will learn everything you need to know to make your project successful and better than the competition. And what you don't know, you can ask!
  3. Help and advice – successful Green Light graduates will share their experience and advice with you in closed meetings. You don't have to repeat the mistakes made by someone before you, you can learn from them!
  4. Useful contacts – whether you are looking for additional team members, customer contacts or help in solving a professional problem, our experts will be happy to help you. Power is in connection!
  5. Promotion – the experienced Green Light PR team will help make you and your project visible. We stand behind you!

Green Light is the most comprehensive acceleration program in the Moravian-Silesian region, which is organized by the Vysoká škola báňská - Technical University of Ostrava and which has been operating for the tenth year. The program is FREE for all participants. If you are from the Moravian-Silesian region or would like to do business here, be sure to apply! We would love to get to know you and your idea.

Depending on what phase you are in, you can choose from two variants of the program - Start or Accelerator. START is for those who have an idea and would like to find out how to take it further. In the ACCELERATOR, we would like to welcome everyone who has already verified their idea with potential customers and has a team working on it. The accelerator traditionally ends with the StartUp Show, where selected projects are presented to the public and investors. Take a look at the after-movie of the last show and soak up the startup atmosphere.

We create the best start-up conditions
for connecting with investors and companies

  • 10 years of existence
  • 484 evaluated projects
  • 139 GL participants
  • 62 million invested


GameArts Daniel Stoklasa
Every entrepreneur knows that things are not always rosy in business and that they will encounter many obstacles on their way. It is often not easy, especially at the beginning without previous experience. Fortunately, these days there are opportunities to bounce back in business right from the start, and the GREEN LIGHT is exactly one of them.
Participating in this accelerator really gave us a lot, above all it saved us a lot of time. We really appreciated how much know-how was passed on to us from the individual lecturers. We avoided a lot of dead ends that would have only hindered us or discouraged us from the project altogether. We are grateful to have been a part of it. I don't regret a single second or the energy we put into this project, the award from the Rector of the University and the amount of money we got were just icing on the cake. If we had to decide retrospectively whether we would have done it again, the answer is a clear - YES!
APnutric Jiří Kocián
The Green Light Accelerator enabled us to develop our project faster.
In a structured way and under the guidance of an experienced lecturer, we had the opportunity to further develop key competencies for business - from creating a business plan, through a financial plan to marketing and sales skills. Connecting with experts within individual workshops, a whole range of useful contacts and a lot of valuable advice has moved us many times more in a relatively short time than if we had to obtain this information independently.

We would warmly recommend the GL Accelerator to both budding entrepreneurs and already started projects that want to develop further.

And that final - which we won - was spectacular!
Most startups don't have much money in the beginning, so everyone in the team does everything. And it's good if someone teaches you "everything".
GREEN LIGHT connected us with experts with whom we fine-tuned our PPC strategies, company presentation or marketing communication. Also the background of the GREEN LIGHT office, the support of the visual team and the feeling that you have someone to contact if necessary, is great. Honestly, GL has exceeded our expectations and is slowly growing beyond the borders of the region - it is becoming an accelerator of the European level.
GL materialized our idea into a real project. What we were only thinking about until then, we really solved during the GL program.
Regular consultations with a mentor moved us forward by leaps and bounds, and thanks to professional workshops we were able to create a functioning company out of nothing. Even though everything had to be moved online this year. The final GL Startup Show and the presentation of the project to top-level experts was a great test for us to see if it all makes sense. We received unique feedback and the financial support we received was the icing on the cake. Big thanks.
ULLMANNA Martin Ullmann
The GREEN LIGHT Accelerator was a venture for us with a great finale! Yet, we still prepare for a real challenge, which is the struggle for customers.
As part of the Accelerator, we went through all the main aspects of business. I recommend the Accelerator to people with a good idea who consider setting up a company, as well as to more experienced projects, since there is always plenty of room for improvement and many possibilities for learning new skills. The workshops with experts are very inspiring.
WaterPin Josefína Šumová
When a man has an idea and tells about it to his friend, he usually gets only weak support. It makes him insecure and cause him to stop believing in his idea.
However, when a man tells about the idea to anybody from the GREEN LIGHT team, he gets this response: “That sounds good. This could work! Let's have a look at analogy on the market and try to improve it!" The participation in the GREEN LIGHT was a great opportunity for us, thank you!
Dustee Nikola Carić
GREEN LIGHT works like a great starting line. We could verify that our idea does have a meaning.
Furthermore, we got to know our team and what roles we have in it.
DMKey technologies s.r.o. (Domiro) Dominik Uskoba
At the beginning, I had an idea and now I am facing the completion of the prototype.
I have people interested in my product, I met a number of great lecturers who helped me with what I was not quite sure of, I started cooperation and I believe that this is far from over. GREEN LIGHT helped me get started and make my dream come true. ” Dominik Uskoba
EL STYLO Jan Voráček
GREEN LIGHT suddenly turned the project I worked on alone for a long time into a business.
I had to start working on it intensively, fulfil tasks and meet deadlines. It boosted me and motivated me. I applied for the Accelerator with a specific product and needed money. I know retroactively that money should not be the main motivation. I got excellent contacts and links to MSIC, met interesting people. Today, when I am solving a problem, I just pick up the phone and consult it with a particular person. This is the biggest benefit for me.
Acrios systems (En Log) Radim Malinowki
GREEN LIGHT taught me how to approach the presentation of my product and how to set my business plan.
I found out how important it is to first verify whether the project is marketable before I invest money and time in its technical solution and overall implementation.

Lecturers and mentors

Ondřej Homola
Ondřej Homola Adviser more

Co-founder of Lifeliqe and Corinth - XR of educational platforms for primary and secondary schools. The arrival of his startup in Silicon Valley in 2011 brought a meeting with Steve Balmer in just a few weeks. In the next two years, they were selected among the top 3 Microsoft partners in education in the world. Among other things, the product is pre-installed in HP computers for schools. The success was followed by a strategic partnership with HTC Vive (VR) and Hololens (AR). Finally, the project was noticed by the professional community and an invitation to speak at Harvard or Stanford about new trends in education (XR) came.

Miloš Lukačka
Miloš Lukačka PRAEGON more

Miloš manages and invests in small and medium-sized companies, including startups. He is mainly interested in B2B startups, to which he can meaningfully help within their group and find partners. He provides angel, pre-seed and seed money, while preferring the "hands-on approach", where he tries to help the founders as much as possible in everyday corporate life. During the development, he focuses mainly on German-speaking markets.

Lukáš Hrdlička
Lukáš Hrdlička Presenation more

Lukáš helps excellent people and companies to excel. He is the founder of, cultivating public speaking, and works as a presentation skills lecturer. He trained hundreds of people in companies such as Microsoft, LEGO and Konica Minolta and prepared speakers for world conferences and startup competitions in America, Europe and Asia. He shared his experience at TEDxEAL in Denmark and more than 15,000 very satisfied participants went through his online courses.

Jan Adam Plaček
Jan Adam Plaček VŠB-TUO Innovation Support Center more

Adam has many years of experience in leading business teams and business development, both from the environment of international corporations, as well as from small companies and his own business. He has been involved in startups for 10 years and focuses on verifying ideas, developing strategies and developing the personal potential of startupists.

Jan Jůzl
Jan Jůzl DOCK Club more

Honza was at the birth of GREEN LIGHT, invented the program, participated in its further development and led it for several years. As an experienced mentor, he currently supports GL and networKING. You can meet Honza in the popular Ostravian club DOCK, of which he is a co-owner, as well as at various events aimed at reviving public space in the city center. He participates in many of them organizationally, other times he sells goodies which he cooks and bakes himself.

Daniel Kudláček
Daniel Kudláček CZ testing institute s.r.o. more

Mentor and consultant focusing on quality management systems, product conformity assessment, testing, preparation of technical documentation and marketing. A unique specialization are medical devices. After more than 15 years in many managerial roles within medium-sized companies, he is now Managing and Executive Director of the CZ testing institute. He helps start-up companies to go through the frequently complicated process of certification, registration and authorization, processing of expert analyses and correct testing.

Jaroslav Procházka
Jaroslav Procházka more

Jaroslav, together with companies and their leaders, strives to build an agile and innovative culture where it makes sense and where people are in favor of it. He has gained experience for over 15 years in various roles from IT developer to product manager in several companies and his projects. His approach is a lot about team building, coaching, mentoring, shading and simulations. He co-founded two startups: QuickJOBS, the mobile marketplace for recruiting young people, and the technology He also co-founded a business incubator, is a mentor in other incubators and competitions, and organized business activities and taught for university students in Ostrava. He co-organized and created conferences inAgile, Product inAgile, HRin, Conferences on talent, and Ostrava TEDx. He also likes to share his experience in books, e-books and articles on LinkedIn and his blog

Pavlína Žukovská
Pavlína Žukovská NEODAT more

Financial plans, accounting and taxes are her living, because together with her partner she founded a company focusing on accounting and tax consulting. Pavlína is a certified tax advisor, she specializes in the accounting of capital companies. She is also constantly educating herself in all areas so that she does not miss any news that can help her clients. The area of finance is something very important in Pavlína's presentation, but at the same time quite understandable, and not only because she very much makes point of a personal approach.

Jan Tkáč
Jan Tkáč AVE Soft more

Founder and director of a software company with more than 15 years of history and a number of awards. Honza is primarily an innovator. Although he has experience in running a classic company, his heart beats especially for startup projects. He gained interesting experience with his startup while working in San Francisco and Boston. Jan is a GL mentor and his motivation is to help projects avoid unnecessary mistakes and accelerate their progress.

Matěj Kastner
Matěj Kastner ProRocketeers more

Agile coach, mentor and trainer working in the development studio ProRocketeers from Ostrava which deals with the development of custom web applications in the form of team-as-a-service and the development of its own startups in the field of medicine and the forestry industry. Matěj went on a career in IT, from business on his own to the role of CTO. He has experience as a developer, technical leader and as the head of the development department with two hundred people. He led several agile transformations - internally and externally. He has long focused on meaningful management of people and products in IT. From the startup area, we can mention the development and launch of the WOODR product for the forestry industry. Furthermore, within ProRocketeers, he participates in a startup in the medical field, with a combination of his own HW and mobile devices of the client and a doctor, significantly expanding the possibilities of remote neurorehabilitation. Matěj will be happy to provide his rich experience in the development of IT products and a network of contacts for the most meaningful direction of your idea.

Kristýna Jurášková
Kristýna Jurášková We Are Signature  more

Kristýna is the co-founder of the unconventional marketing agency We Are Signature. Besides other things, she is also a mentor and consultant of online marketing. She specializes in the field of social networks. She helps brands, non-profits organizations and startups find a way to integrate social networks into the entire marketing mix. To manage content strategically, find the right target group, build a community and take care of customers. She has already trained hundreds of people in companies such as L'ORÉAL, the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, the PR Academy for non-profits popularization of science, the cultural organizations under the Moravian-Silesian Region,, Koší, ImpactHub, Czechinvest and others.

Kamila Smutná
Kamila Smutná Sdílko Poruba, Progresko more

Experienced PR manager, event organizer and enthusiastic supporter of business, local creators and ecology. For the past 5 years, he has been actively building a community of small traders around the Sdílko Poruba event. She newly organizes educational programs for small traders under the name Progresko. They believe that brick-and-mortar stores and small merchants are the heart of every city and they need to be given a helping hand (get educated, connected with each other and with city representatives, and also get inspired). Kamila can offer projects systematic project management, a great marketing strategy, but also a large number of contacts.

3advokáti law office more

Young lawyers who are passionate about new technologies and do not hesitate to help start-up entrepreneurs. The law in their presentation is not a mess of incomprehensible paragraphs and sentences, but quite fun. They can help with the establishment of the company and all the documentation around, but of course they also deal with other legal areas. As they claim, they started in a slightly startup way, so they understand all enthusiasts and are proud to be able to celebrate business success with them.


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