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By digitizing we are changing the way of parking and transport.


My name is Josef and Lukáš and I are collaborating on the ANTHONYapp project. Thanks to the fact that Lukáš loves new technologies and I have a sense and enthusiasm for business, we thought of joining forces and creating a valuable project that would be useful both for us and for others.

Our idea was supported and developed by the competition Rozsviť svět nápadem (transl. Light up the world with an idea) under the auspices of TietoEVRY, where a topic was announced directly for us - Smart Parking. And because parking is handled by almost every one of us, we set to work.

Our project offers solutions to the problems of transport and parking using the application. Among other things, we create technologies for Smart cities and the smart parking lots themselves, and we strive to improve the overall situation around traffic in cities, but also in tourist areas.

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