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Free Cross: Don't like what the market offers? Create your own solution then!

Honza and Michal are sport lovers - bikers in summer, snowboarders in winter. In the 6th year of GREEN LIGHT they competed with an innovative splitboard binding. It had annoyed them that all the variants available did not solve the freezing and settlin...

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Virtual Real Life: We create the world of virtual reality to make the real life work better

Last year's 6th GREEN LIGHT was attended by Vláďa with a project of using virtual reality in corporate practice, mainly in the field of recruitment. They wanted to test the dexterity and other skills needed for work in an attractive form. Vláďa and the...

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SenSei: Great things for small clients are still on the move

Barča and Romča are friends, ergotherapists focusing on children's neurorehabilitation. Together, they invented a tool for the rehabilitation of disabled children that combines the stimulation of the body and brain using sounds and vibrations with the ...

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Urbido: The public sector is often forgotten, we decided to fill the hole in the market

Urbido is a web application in the Smart Cities concept with which Michal, Tomáš and Štěpán participated in the 6th GREEN LIGHT. Their application allows easier administration of all types of municipalities in our country. Everything is in one place, a...

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GREEN LIGHT is coming for the 7th time new and better

Preparations for the launch of the 7th GREEN LIGHT Accelerator are culminating! The second week of September begins with the receipt of applications and campaign with the visual of mister light bulb in a shirt and jacket.

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About us


Do you have a business idea, but you don't know how to bring it to life? We know how to do it and will help you with it - from the idea to a functioning business!

Green Light is currently the most comprehensive acceleration program in the Moravian-Silesian Region organized by the Innovation Support Centre of the VSB - Technical University of Ostrava. Depending on the stage you are in, you can choose from two program options - Start or Accelerator.

We create the best start-up conditions
for connecting with investors and companies

  • 7 years of existence
  • 82 startups financed
  • 341 evaluated projects
  • 38 million invested


Dustee Nikola Carić
GREEN LIGHT works like a great starting line. We could verify that our idea does have a meaning.
Furthermore, we got to know our team and what roles we have in it.
DMKey technologies s.r.o. (Domiro) Dominik Uskoba
At the beginning, I had an idea and now I am facing the completion of the prototype.
I have people interested in my product, I met a number of great lecturers who helped me with what I was not quite sure of, I started cooperation and I believe that this is far from over. GREEN LIGHT helped me get started and make my dream come true. ” Dominik Uskoba
EL STYLO Jan Voráček
GREEN LIGHT suddenly turned the project I worked on alone for a long time into a business.
I had to start working on it intensively, fulfil tasks and meet deadlines. It boosted me and motivated me. I applied for the Accelerator with a specific product and needed money. I know retroactively that money should not be the main motivation. I got excellent contacts and links to MSIC, met interesting people. Today, when I am solving a problem, I just pick up the phone and consult it with a particular person. This is the biggest benefit for me.
Acrios systems (En Log) Radim Malinowki
GREEN LIGHT taught me how to approach the presentation of my product and how to set my business plan.
I found out how important it is to first verify whether the project is marketable before I invest money and time in its technical solution and overall implementation.


Donnie Goins
Donnie Goins SDE Software Solutions more

Donnie is a Senior Software Executive accomplished in delivering software and hardware products in the following technical areas: security, mobile applications, wireless platforms, 3D augmented reality, cloud and telecommunications. He has lead small to large teams (up to 500 engineers) to develop products from concept to profitability. He has managed International Development Organizations in Canada, Czech Republic, UK and India. His entrepreneurial spirit has allowed him to create or purchase seven companies since 1992. Donnie has held various senior level positions at: Tavve Software Company, Fujitsu Networks, Allen Telecom and BNR (research division for Nortel).Donnie has an Electrical Engineering Degree from NC State and a MBA from Duke University. He loves spending time with his wife and daughter, running, cycling and playing golf.

Vendula Margaretis Rechová
Vendula Margaretis Rechová Skladon more

She has already liked marketing in high school. She has tried many marketing sectors - PR, event management, social media management, brand building, etc. In addition, she was involved in mentoring of student companies. Now she helps with setting marketing strategies for companies and individuals and primarily works as a CMO at Skladon.

Ondřej Homola
Ondřej Homola Adviser more

Co-founder of Lifeliqe and Corinth - XR of educational platforms for primary and secondary schools. The arrival of his startup in Silicon Valley in 2011 brought a meeting with Steve Balmer in just a few weeks. In the next two years, they were selected among the top 3 Microsoft partners in education in the world. Among other things, the product is pre-installed in HP computers for schools. The success was followed by a strategic partnership with HTC Vive (VR) and Hololens (AR). Finally, the project was noticed by the professional community and an invitation to speak at Harvard or Stanford about new trends in education (XR) came.

Adam Liška
Adam Liška ALC Group more

GL Mentor, who will support the next generation of new ideas through his years of experience in top management of international companies, strategic and project management, his empathetic approach to teamwork and startup experience. Executive manager of international companies, Manager of the Year in the Czech Republic, visionary, strategist, producer and project engineer who can enrich the GREEN LIGHT teams with his years of experience. He has also gone through leading global development project teams, expanding production plants, setting strategies, investments, increasing efficiency or operational excellence, and cementing teams. A mentor that offers a helping hand and support in your project. A mentor that will help you come to the end with your thought.

Miloš Lukačka
Miloš Lukačka PRAEGON more

Miloš is dedicated to managing and investing in small and medium businesses, including startups. He is especially interested in B2B startups, to which he can meaningfully help and find partners within their group. He provides seed money, preferring the "hands-on approach" where he seeks to help founders as much as possible in everyday business life and to provide advice or contacts. He focuses primarily on German-speaking markets.

Lukáš Hrdlička
Lukáš Hrdlička Presenation more

Lukáš helps people become great speakers. He is the founder of the platform for cultivating public speaking and also the founder of for outsourcing graphic work. He works as a presentation skills lecturer and international “Pitch Coach”. He has trained hundreds of people in companies like DHL, Microsoft and PwC, prepared speakers for world conferences and materials for innovative companies to get investments. He shared his experience at TEDxEAL in Denmark and his courses at are among the most popular with over 12,000 participants.

Jan Adam Plaček
Jan Adam Plaček Centrum podpory inovací VŠB-TUO more

Adam has many years of experience in leading sales teams, developing customer relationships, incl. foreign ones, consulting in the area of business, but also from his own business. Within the VSB-TUO Business Incubator he develops relationships with companies, interconnects and seeks new opportunities.

Jan Jůzl
Jan Jůzl Centrum podpory inovací VŠB-TUO more

Mentor of business support and Green Light program. He motivates and helps students to realize their own business plans. Every year, he runs the Green Light acceleration program and actively introduces his own business opportunities to students. He also does business himself.

Andrea Šimoníková
Andrea Šimoníková Centrum podpory inovací VŠB-TUO more

Andrea focuses on leading project teams in the private and public spheres. She is engaged in supporting the development of business ideas and is able to seek opportunities for their financial and non-financial support from interesting partners. She believes that every idea deserves attention, but also time to mature.

Daniel Kudláček
Daniel Kudláček CZ testing institute s.r.o. more

Mentor and consultant focusing on quality management systems, product conformity assessment, testing, preparation of technical documentation and marketing. A unique specialization are medical devices. After more than 15 years in many managerial roles within medium-sized companies, he is now Managing and Executive Director of the CZ testing institute. He helps start-up companies to go through the frequently complicated process of certification, registration and authorization, processing of expert analyses and correct testing.

Zuzana de Korver
Zuzana de Korver Úřad průmyslového vlastnictví more

Zuzana de Korver works at the Industrial Property Office and currently holds the position of President of the Chamber of Appeal, focusing on designation rights. She graduated from the Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague. She specializes in the field of industrial property, especially in the area of trademark rights and bilateral trademark proceedings. She publishes and lectures for the non-professional and professional public, regularly performs at conferences focused on intellectual property. She gives lectures for patent attorneys and for the Czech Bar Association.

Jaroslav Procházka
Jaroslav Procházka more

Jaroslav is a freelance business and IT mentor and corporate culture changer who enjoys supporting people in finding the right place for themselves, and companies in innovation, delivering real value to customers and changing internal culture. He also supports and mentors companies and individuals in the field of startups. He has worked in several small and medium-sized Czech companies, large international corporations and Czech institutions. He co-organized and created conferences Quality in Education, Conference on Talent and Ostrava TEDx and presents at professional international conferences. He is a co-founder of the technology companies QuickJOBS Part-time Jobs Mediation and He also likes to share his experience in books, e-books or as a guarantor writer of


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