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3D printing available for anyone.


We are a team of three 3D printing enthusiasts. And since two of us, David and Ondřej, own a printer, and their capacities are used not only by Jáchym, but also by many of our friends, we thought of filling a gap in the market and creating an application for shared 3D printing. And we were so excited by the idea that we decided to promote it to the largest 3D printing platform in the world.

Jonggle works on the same principle as Uber or Airbnb. Specifically, it is a web application for shared 3D printing, where we connect customers with designers (designers of 3D models) and makers (owners of 3D printers).

And most importantly, we take care of the complete path from the idea through the design of the 3D model to printing and then payment and transport directly to the customer. We will also ensure the safety and security that 3D printing will arrive as they expected.

Our project occurs in a very dynamic market and we believe that you will join us.

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