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Let's give the soil back what it gives us (even if only by drops).


My name is Martin and together with Josefina we are both students of combined studies. As a team, we are working on one of the most important issues of the modern world - water scarcity. We combined traditional approaches and modern technologies and created WaterPin. A special peg embedded in the ground is a simple, efficient tool that helps the ground to collect the torrential rainfall and soak it into the soil.

It is ecologically degradable and in its decay acts as a fertilizer and nutrients for the soil world. WaterPin has a simple application. Thanks to the experience and insights of old school farmers, environmentally friendly materials and a 3D printer, it will help each of us.

Ecologically degradable WaterPin captures torrential rainfall and thus keeps water in the landscape.

We present the projects of the 7th GREEN LIGHT Accelerator. Do you want to get to know them in person? Come to the final Startup Show on 27 February.