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Do you want to start a business? Does your project already have specific outlines (you know who your customers are and you have verified their interest)? Apply!

You will gain basic knowledge and skills of every entrepreneur and you can also win interesting prizes from our partners.

What awaits you?

We won’t lie to you. You will experience three intensive months full of common seminars and workshops, work, counting, thinking…but also fun, new knowledge, contacts and a big final show.

In the Accelerator, we’ll walk you through the following areas:

Team Team

you will learn how to build an effective team

Finance Finance

you will calculate your cost and make a financial plan

Prototype Prototype

you will create the first version of a product or service

Law Law

you don’t have to be a lawyer to handle paragraphs, regulations and patents

Marketing Marketing

name, logo, communication strategy – nowadays you can’t do without it

Presentation Presentation

being able to stand up for your project is important

Business plan Business plan

a plan is nothing, but planning is everything

And what's next?

  • Hard work

    If you want to do business, no one will do the work instead of you. We will help you, but the most will be up to your will and determination.

  • Field experts and interesting contacts

    We have a comprehensive network of collaborators and partners from various fields and areas of business. You can meet people you wouldn’t normally meet.

  • Consultations with a mentor

    Through all the Accelerator, every project has its mentor who coordinates its development, answers questions and helps where possible.

  • Investor

    We will offer you several options to find an investor or for them to find you.

  • StartUp Show

    Stage, spotlights, cameras and photoflashes. Your idea and you in the centre of attention. Who’ll win?

What is the StartUp Show?

The StartUp Show is the culmination of the entire GL Accelerator. The best ones who complete the whole Accelerator program will present themselves to the jury, the public, the media and investors on the stage. The winner can gain some of the valuable prizes from the partners.

The bonus can be networking and of course new inspiration. The Startup Show also includes a closed event for startups and investors – inveSTORE, where you can present your project to investors from the Czech Republic and abroad.

GL Accelerator schedule

SEPTEMBER we start receiving applications to GL Accelerator
OCTOBER we select projects suitable for acceleration
DECEMBER - MARCH launch and progress of GL Accelerator
APRIL StartUp Show

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Frequently asked questions

  • Who can apply?

    In fact, anyone. We have one specific condition – you and your team must be from the Moravian-Silesian Region (or your future company will be based in this region).

  • What type of projects or ideas can apply?

    We don’t prefer any field but projects should comply with the basic rules of a business idea (they must know what they want to offer, to whom they want to offer it and what they will earn money for). Innovative business ideas or projects with greater than local potential generally have a better chance of getting into the GL Accelerator. Another condition is the scalability of the idea.

  • Do I have to have a specific idea?

    You don’t have to. In that case, however, in the application form tick that you want to join somebody and tell us what you are good at. After selecting projects to the Accelerator, you will be allowed to join someone.

  • Is the GL Accelerator time consuming?

    If you are chosen for the Accelerator, be aware that for three months you will have at least once a week an activity – workshop or consultation. The activity usually takes from 2 to 3 hours. We strive for it to be held at a stable time, mostly on Thursdays, in the Innovation Support Centre. We expect you to work intensively and also perform tasks between workshops.

  • How much will it cost me?

    That is quite an important question. The whole team will cost Accelerator much time and a lot of work. However, the program as such is free of charge for participants, although the entire implementation, all related services and lecturers are worth 150,000 CZK. However, in case that your project gains a private investment, the GL organizer will be entitled to 2% of the invested amount, up to a maximum of CZK 250,000.

  • What happens after finishing the GL Accelerator?

    After finishing, it’s up to you if and how you will start your project. But it doesn’t mean that we are no longer interested in you. You can contact us for advice on intellectual property issues and more. We will also inform you about interesting startup events, lectures and articles.

  • Can I apply again after I tried but was not selected?

    Certainly. Business sometimes needs time to mature and, moreover, it rarely works out at the first go.