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We live in a world where clothes kill, and we are going to change that


Buying clothes today is, without exaggeration, a shot from a revolver that is aimed accurately. Almost 3,000 liters of water fall on the production of a T-shirt, and at the same time every 10 seconds a person dies from a lack of drinking water. A terrible paradox. That's why I thought it can’t go on like this and I started Nilmore®.

We have developed a fully circular textile that achieves the lowest environmental impacts of all commonly available materials. In addition to ecology, the newly developed material excels in its lightness, breathability, pleasant feel and easy maintenance. The customer has the opportunity to return our products at any time and we recycle them into new fiber, from which we again produce new fabrics and clothing. We created the very first fully circular clothing model in the world.

As soon as the coronavirus situation calms down a bit, we will go into the world with our first collection. Until then, you can follow us on Facebook (link: or through the newsletter at Come with us to change the world of clothes_m. With or without m.

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