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We're giving gaming a new look because what you play with matters!


The gaming market is one of the fastest growing markets ever and all indications show that this trend will continue to grow. Even though in the Czech Republic we are still lagging behind in this area compared to other countries, this community is also developing rapidly in our country and some even make a living playing games.
Although gaming is on the rise, there was practically no way to stand out, and we decided to change that at Game Arts.

At Game Arts, we therefore focus on the design of game controllers for Playstation and Xbox game consoles. We specialize in creating our own designs, because we want to give everyone a controller exactly according to their wishes - whether they are recreational players, professionals, organizations or sports clubs. There are no limits to imagination, which is why we always try to fulfill even the most demanding wishes of our customers.

We present the projects of the 9th year of the Green Light Accelerator. Do you want to meet them in person? Register and come to the final Startup Show on 14 April.