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We help seniors experience happier moments.


We are Šifrománie (transl. Ciphermania), we enjoy connecting people through games and entertainment, and we develop games that develop collaboration, creativity, emotions, fun, communication and activities. We have experience with organizing cipher games not only live in Ostrava or Opava, but also online on Facebook. After this experience, we decided to create a game for those who are often forgotten - people in social facilities. Because each of us can encounter different situations and one day we can find ourselves there.

Our original product in Green Light is the board game Trail designed specifically for people in retirement homes, children's homes and rehabilitation facilities. The game contains larger playing cards for better readability, made of stronger material, thanks to which players practice memory, fine motor skills, physical activity and return them to the youth. The Trail game is an original distraction from everyday worries as opposed to watching TV, doing nothing or solving crossword puzzles.

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