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Organic cultivation with elegance!


We are a three-member team and each of us complements it like a piece of a mosaic. Radana has many years of experience in marketing and promoting new products. Táňa is an expert in the field of creating promotional graphics. Jiří is a mechanical designer with experience in small series production and product development and in his free time he is a gardener.

It was the experience and a favorite hobby that gave rise to the Grincell project. Our product is a growing cell, which will move your vegetable growing to a new dimension and bring you a number of other benefits in a comprehensive form.

Thanks to the unique design and unique features that stand out from the competition, it will be possible to grow vegetables organically and with great water savings.

Which projects from the 8th year of the Green Light Accelerator will get to the jury? Register and enjoy the final Startup Show ONLINE on April 29.