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No more malnourished seniors


A large number of clients in homes for the elderly do not eat enough, and despite the efforts of the staff, they often become malnourished. This initiates a time-, financially- and capacity-challenging process in client care.

Based on many years of practical experience, I decided to simplify this procedure and thereby improve the nutritional status of clients in homes for the elderly. We founded the APnutric company and developed a special Enutric web application that calculates the client's nutritional status and suggests special foods for special medical purposes based on the specified parameters.

The application will help to automate and standardize demanding processes by connecting social facilities with doctors, nutritionists and pharmacies, saving time and costs.

The vision of the Enutric project and the APnutric company is to help social facilities allow seniors to live a dignified old age, to significantly improve the nutrition of clients of social facilities, and to introduce a standard of care control for the elderly.

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