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We make shooting more environmentally friendly.


I am Jaroslav and together with my wife Kateřina and my friend Zdeněk we are implementing a project that deals with the recycling of shotgun cartridges.

As an active athlete in shotgun disciplines, I dealt with the question of how to recycle shooting waste years ago, but an accident at work changed my life. I became wheelchair-bound and had to solve other problems than ecology in shooting. The whole idea lay in an imaginary drawer until now, when I decided to finish it.

We have developed an effective way to divide cartridges into individual parts and separate plastic and metal. It is this separation that plays a crucial role, because thanks to it we obtain input material of a single kind suitable for re-granulation. The purpose of all recycling is to help shooting range operators meet their legal obligation regarding waste treatment. There is no company in the Czech Republic that can process this waste. Thanks to our technology, waste will be recycled and the environmental impact of the environment will be reduced.

Our vision is to supply regranulate to cartridge manufacturers and thus close the circle of their existence from production to reuse. And because we know how difficult it is for the disabled to re-enter the labor market, we would like to entrust production to them.

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