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Evaluation of services, products and employees of QR and NFC technologies.


We use a lot of services every day (shops, cafes, sports centers and others). Sometimes we are satisfied with the approach and quality of services, and other times the opposite is true. How to express your (dis)satisfaction quickly, easily and into competent hands?

We have created a new form of passing on reactions. Just read the QR code and in a few seconds evaluate a specific employee, service, or product. You can find it, for example, at the cash register, on the receipt or on the exit door. A reaction just like that? We thought of that too. What about the reward in the form of discounts on services and other benefits. In addition, as a customer, you become a service quality controller. So you have the opportunity to change a lot of things around you :-).

As the founders of ControMe, we used our experience with thousands of customers in previous project activities and decided to break down the information barrier between customers, visitors and providers using the latest trends and technologies.

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