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Stop procrastinating, accept the challenge!


Like a lot of people, we like to browse social networks and got stuck in their perfect algorithm. It came to such an extent that we began to put off important things, such as school or our hobbies. After a while, our procrastination began to irritate us and we tried to come up with a solution to this problem.

And so the Challengi project was created, a website and application that will provide challenges in various branches. One of our main branches is drawing and painting. In this way, we would like to inspire and motivate users to improve with the challenges we have prepared for them.

Our team consists of five members. Martin is the founder and project manager, Pavel and Tomáš are our marketers and Jan and Patrik are our programmers. In the current phase of the project, we are working on verifying future users, programming the application and creating new branches.

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