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The Independent is a lasergame equipment that allows players to have free entertainment thanks to the opportunity to create unique game scenarios.


Lasergame 2.0.: Freedom and unlimited possibilities!

We have been a team of four lasergame enthusiasts for 5 years. Tomáš and Matěj as engineers have experience with the implementation of technical projects, thanks to Honza and his overview of the entertainment industry we successfully avoid dead ends and Daniel can follow through with everything.

And now the main thing - we bring a new level of experience in the game. Our new LaserTag Independent equipment allows the arena to run almost anywhere - in the park, at work, at home.

The Independent is also a platform in which you can create unique game scenarios thanks to the possibility to adjust the properties of all elements in the arena or on the vest (colours, sounds, shot strength, defence, etc.). It will be possible to share these scenarios between arena operators and players, bringing free creation and unique innovation in the LaserTag equipment world.

The products are created using modern technologies and standards used in IoT.

We present the projects of the 7th GREEN LIGHT Accelerator. Do you want to get to know them in person? Come to the final Startup Show on 27 February.