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Pamper your body with herbs.


My name is Bára Masopustová and I have been running Slezské Bylinářství (Silesian Herb Shop) with my colleague Silva Melušová for a few years now. We have thousands of satisfied customers, create our own tea blends and offer the highest quality natural supplements.

We came to the Green Light Accelerator to present our new project. We've had the idea of delivering herbs directly to your mailbox for many years. And in the time of covid, we started its implementation and verified its unique impact on the everyday well-being of our loved ones, with whom we could not be in close contact.

The principle of our new product, i.e. herbal subscription, is very simple. Every month, we will send you or your loved ones a fragrant parcel with a herbal mixture that will benefit the body the most in the given period.

We are based on traditional herbal procedures connected with the latest findings of natural medicine. We take into account the effect of natural biorhythms on the organism and our own herbal experience.

We present the projects of the 10th year of the Green Light Accelerator. Do you want to get to know them in person? Register and come on April 13 to the final spectacular 10th Startup Show!