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We make shopping easier for people and we help the environment.


We are a three-member team of "dreamers", sometimes with too much crazy ideas, but always with a lot of imagination. Tomáš, as an engineer and designer, has experience with the implementation and production of products. Michal tries to convince others about the implementation of his ideas and Patrik is a pragmatist who can tell the usefulness and feasibility of the project.

And now the main thing - we bring a change in shopping. Our new Kirla shopping cart will transport your purchase from the store to the "fridge" and become an integral part of your family.

To all shoppers, Kirla will ease the physical effort associated with carrying heavy shopping bags to their car or apartment, which will be used by both mothers with children and physically weaker or disabled people.

Kirla also has an ecological overlap, because it will replace the use of plastic bags! Kirla wants to help both people and the environment.

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