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Time for business!

10 years ago, the startup accelerator Green Light was established at VŠB-TUO. It was spontaneous and new. Something that was just getting off the ground in the Czech regions. Although the marketing support was not so significant, many interesting projects were already applied for.

Time for business!

Today, the situation is different, who is not in a startup project, as if he were not. Even the Green Light Accelerator has changed over 10 years and refined the program in such a way as to bring the projects as close as possible to real entry into the market. By signing up to the Green Light Accelerator, you will get the support of 8 experienced mentors who will guide you on the shortest path to the successful start of your business. You will gain knowledge in 15 workshops with top lecturers, you will learn everything you need to know to succeed and be better than your competition. You'll also get help and advice from successful Green Light alumni who will share with you in private sessions. You don't have to repeat mistakes made by someone before you when you can learn from them. And last but not least, you'll get useful contacts. Whether you are looking for additional team members, customer contacts or help in solving a professional problem, our experts will be happy to help you.

Sustainable fashion clothes Nilmore, personalized game controllers GameArts, app for better parking AnthonyApp, VR in rehabilitations Virtual Real Life, irrigation system Zahradní Olla, shared 3D printing Joggle, smart and organic agriculture Ullmanna and other innovative products and apps for many fields. All this took place in the minds of Accelerator graduates. All of them are already doing business with their ideas.

"I still remember how we were in the first Accelerator and were finalizing our presentation at the Startup Show. It was the Green Light Accelerator that gave us confidence, thanks to which we then won the Czech accelerator and got to America. From this point of view, startup accelerators have their role, because there they change the mindset of people. I would definitely recommend Green Light to anyone thinking of starting a startup because it's perfect for the start. Today, I already participate as a mentor and see how much care each participant receives. And then it's up to you." concludes Jan Tkáč from the AVE soft company and mentor of the Green Light Accelerator.

In the Green Light Accelerator, you can get priceless experience, help from professionals and some money to start a business for free. We've been helping startups for 10 years! You can apply until 23 October 2022 at

GreenLight is prepared by Vysoká škola báňská - Technical University of Ostrava in cooperation with the Moravian-Silesian Region and a number of other partners. The program is supported from the budget of the Moravian-Silesian Region.