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A unique technology of controlled irrigation of plants, which is considered the most efficient way of irrigation in the world.


We are Šárka and Karel, permaculture designer and ceramic artist. Our long-standing friendship is fueled by enthusiasm for the simplicity of solutions, pure natural materials, the need to reduce our ballast footprint in the contemporary world and the desire to show people that it is possible to start thinking differently about the world and the relationship to the world.

On the Garden OLLA story, we show people how it is possible to effectively handle two precious commodities, which are time and water. We offer people who have the desire or even the necessary need to grow their own crops, be it vegetables, fruits or ornamental plants, but have a limited amount of time, energy or experience, a solution to do it simply, reliably, gently and cleanly with the help of irrigation technology with clay containers OLLA.

We present the projects of the 9th year of the Green Light Accelerator. Do you want to meet them in person? Register and come to the final Startup Show on 14 April.