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We are changing the style of teaching computer science, robotics and electronics.


I am Zdeněk and together with the other 6 members we are a team of enthusiasts that has been coming into existence since 2013. Together we want every child or student to have the chance of becoming an expert in cybernetics from a complete beginner. But most importantly, we want them to enjoy it.

We created our own construction kits enriched with lecturer support. Thanks to the way of rewarding, fulfilling tasks and managing missions, children are much more involved in teaching. Teaching is systematically and didactically correct and supports creativity and intuition. A sophisticated platform with educational development app is complemented by augmented reality features.

We teach children informatics, robotics and electronics in a fun and didactically right way.

We present the projects of the 7th GREEN LIGHT Accelerator. Do you want to get to know them in person? Come to the final Startup Show on 27 February.