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It has been nine years since the start of the first year of the Green Light Accelerator. A diverse range of projects has alternated here, from medical supplies, sports equipment, various applications to high-tech agricultural machinery


Green Light is not industry-oriented and is free for all participants. The program tries to help anyone who has an interesting business idea and the necessary motivation to start it. The schedule of tasks that await the participants is honed to the last detail and gives the teams the opportunity to get acquainted not only with the necessary topics, but also with interesting people.

Green Light builds its know-how on four pillars - idea, help, development, investment. Therefore, an integral part of the entire four-month series of workshops and seminars is also getting to know the investor and his requirements. "We try to explain to the projects that the investment does not mean that someone will buy a company from you for a few crowns, but rather that it will help you really start a business. Every beginning entrepreneur needs money and investments are an integral part of the startup world," explains Jan Adam Plaček, one of Green Light's mentors. He adds, however, that each project needs something different, so the mentors in the Accelerator try to work with each team individually. The model, where the mentor is in charge of one or two projects, proved to be excellent. In addition, we managed to put together an excellent team of experts from various fields, for this year we also bring four women - experienced businesswomen.

The ninth year will again be by a hair different from the previous ones. Due to the persistent covid time, we opted for the "hybrid" form. The meetings will take place online and offline. This form also brings better accessibility to those interested in the wider surroundings of Ostrava, who will not have to come to us every week.

"And which projects did we help in the beginning? You may know Ullmann's agricultural machine and one of the business owners Martin Ullmann, whom you may have heard in an interview with Kovy, or last year's winner Nilmore, who dominated the Startup Show with their environmentally friendly circular clothing and attracted investors so much that they received an investment of 4.5 million crowns for the launch of the e-shop and other needs of the project, "says Andrea Šimoníková, head of the Business and Career department. Others aren’t idle either, such as ApuTime, urbido, Enfuse or ReNa.

If your goal is also a business, log in to by October 17th! We will be happy to discuss your idea with you and help you succeed in business.